Whetstone Cemetery 1909 - 2009

On 2nd April 1907 during a Vestry Meeting at St. Peter's Church, Whetstone, the Reverend Richard J. Newby and church members decided they could not extend the Churchyard as they had previously hoped to do, and requested the 'Parish Council consider the provision of further burial accommodation for the parish of Whetstone'.

At a Parish Council Meeting on 17th July 1907 there was a unanimous decision to contact Trinity College, Cambridge with a view to purchasing a plot of land to the rear of the Churchyard.
The land was subsequently bought for 90.
Compensation of 5 was paid to the tenant Mr John Smith; 1 to dig trial holes, and 4 for 'Tenant's Rights'.

Solicitors and surveyors were appointed, and tenders sought for the construction of the new cemetery. Quotations ranged from 487 16s to 763. Mr Sleath from Rothley with the lowest tender won the contract, only to raise it to 519 17s 9d upon discovered his former estimate 'missed out a portion of the fencing'.

The Blaby Rural District Council (the then Highway Authority) agreed to pay half  the cost of making-up the roadway to the cemetery, providing the Parish Council paid the other half.

The total cost of the cemetery project was 758 10s 5d, most of which was raised by a Public Works Loan