Whetstone War Memorial

Extracts from the Whetstone Parish Council Minutes of September - October  1922:

Sir,                Whetstone War Memorial
I am deemed on behalf of the War Memorial Committee to offer to the Parish Council the custody of the public war memorial which has been erected by public subscriptions. The memorial is free from debt, one thing only remains (viz) the planting of the privet hedge which will be done this autumn.
I am sir,
Yours very truly
Ernest G. Fowler
Chairman of the Committee

On the motion of Councillors Looms and Shenton it was unanimously decided that the Parish Council gratefully accept the custody of the War Memorial on behalf of the parish and that a letter be sent thanking Capt. Fowler and the War Memorial Committee for the great interest they have taken in such a laudable object.
The following letter has been sent:

Whetstone Parish Council
nr Leicester
Oct 2nd 1922
To Capt. E. G. Fowler
Whetstone House
Your letter of Aug 3rd with reference to the custody of the War Memorial was laid before at their last meeting when they on behalf of the parish gratefully accepted the same and instructed me to write on their behalf thanking you and the War Memorial Committee for the great interest you and they have taken in such a laudable object to bring it to such a great success.
Yours truly
William Kind Clerk to the Parish Council
Confirmed and signed Oct 2nd 1922
Matthew Shenton

Details from public Monument & Sculpture Association

            Roll of Honour
Herbert A Biggs
George W Bodicoat
Edward Boulter
Harry Cannam
Alfred Charles
Lonzo Charles
Amos Charles
Willie Coulson
William H Coulson
Thomas H Elliott
Thomas Franklin
Maurice G E Hall
Tom Hall
Southey A Hall
Arthur Henson
Arthur Herrick
Percy Holden
John Hubbard
Harry Johnson
George W Kenney
Arnold Kind
Rueben Kind
Jesse Laundon
Robert Martin
Arthur Mawby
Horace Mawby
Frederick Needham
William Needham
Tom Paramore
Alfonso Pawley
Edgar Pawley
Arthur Pratt
Jos. Richardson
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Wilfred Spence
Robert E Stevens
Clifford Upex
Alfred Wale
Ronald Wale
Oliver Warner
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George Worsh

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Leslie C Cooper
Hector C A Gamble
Arthur Harrop
Albert A Herbert
Caley L Hunter
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Bertie Philps
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